Anna is a community driven ambitious virtual assistant on Google Chrome to help people Automate actions using Voice. elephant

Sounds boring. Let's try again.

Meet Anna, your very own personal assistant on Google Chrome Webstore. It will make your life so effort less. You don't have to open browser and type your browser what to do. Instead just talk to your computer, like it is your best friend.

It won't do everything, but it will reduce the time to do certain things. You want to take a screenshot, say "hey, screenshot". You want to open a website like facebook, say "hey, open facebook". It can do so much more. When you have a voice, speak up. Don't type.

Anna is still in alpha, that means she is still learning and won't work sometimes.


Anna was made when a good virtual assistant was not available for Linux and i was frustrated. I wanted one, but when i made it. The idea struck me, all virtual assistants needs internet. So why not put one in the browser and give it to all platforms.

What it does

Anna helps you automate all actions you would normally use on a browser. The best thing about Anna is she works even if Chrome is running in the background. So even if you are not on Chrome, and are working on something else and feel the need to play a song, ask Anna.

Automated Actions

  • Hey, what is this? - Anna will perform a reverse image of your current screen.
  • Hey, take a screenshot - Anna will take a screenshot.
  • Hey, set up a meeting with Evan at 10am today - Anna will schedule the meeting for you.


  • Hey, bookmark - Anna will bookmark your current page
  • Hey, downloads - Anna will show you your downloads
  • Hey, open facebook - Anna will open Facebook
  • Hey, open twitter - Anna will open Twitter
  • Hey, history - Anna will show you your browser history
  • Hey, close - Anna will close the current tab
  • Hey, reload - Anna will refresh the current tab
  • Hey, move to third tab - Anna will switch to the third tab
  • Hey, safe mode - Anna will open a new incognito window


  • Hey, Delhi to Bangaluru - Anna will show you how to go to Bangaluru, from Delhi
  • Hey, where is Kathmandu? - Anna will show a map of Kathmandu
  • Hey, Restaurants nearby - Anna will look for restaurants that are near your current location


  • Hey, play Whatever it Takes - Anna will play Whatever it takes from YouTube


  • Hey, mail life is awesome - Anna will create a draft email with the message
  • Hey, post life is awesome - Anna will open up Twitter and post "life is awesome"


  • Hey, what is the weather? - Anna will show you the weather of your current location
  • Hey, what is the weather in New Delhi? - Anna will show you the current weather in New Delhi


  • Hey, translate ola - Anna will translate the word ola
  • Hey, translate je t'aime - Anna will translate je t'aime


  • Hey, 10 divided by 2 - Anna will shows the result of 10 / 2
    • Hey, 25 minus 5 - Anna will shows the result of 25 - 5


  • Hey, horoscope for aries - Anna will read your horoscope out loud, and redirect you to the page

Word of the Day

  • Hey, word of the day - Anna will read out the word of the day, and redirect you to the page

See more

If she can't find anything, she will google it for you.

How I built it

Anna is built using JavaScript and (dialogflow). What user speaks is converted into text via TTS then passed on to dialogflow which uses AI and conversation analysis to understand what it means. Then each action is done via JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

The feature "what is this" which does Reverse Image Search was hard to think of. As we needed to crop a part of a screen and upload the cropped part as an URL. Then this url was to be send to Google Image search, it took a bit of time and effort.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anna was not made alone, but with the support of 20+ Open Source Contributors . For coding to documentation. I am most proud of the community we build around Anna.

What I learned

Sometimes a hack that started one day, can eventually be something amazing. And things build together is always better.

What's next for Anna Assistant

Anna is still learning, it doesn't work s sometimes, since we rely highly on Google's TTS engine and lack of a HotWord Detection method. Usage of Deep Learning methods will solve them in the Future and make it a better at Detecting users.

Also third party integrations should be done more.

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