There has been an increasing decline in mental health, which has only been exacerbated by the recent pandemic. Emotional service animals are a great solution to reduce stress levels and loneliness. Organizations providing therapy animals as an industry show a lot of promise and scope for growth. While some organizations have their own method for setting up visits, there is no centralized platform that allows users to see all of their options easily. For these reasons, we created AniPals.

What it does

AniPals aims at providing you access to one of the cutest resources in order to brighten your day in a super convenient manner --connecting you with emotional support animals (EAS). You can personalize your profile so that we can help you find the purfect furry companion for you! Additionally, our platform promotes small organizations that provide you with these pawsome companions

Challenges we ran into

The digital nature of the hackathon made communication and sharing resources more difficult. Some members were unfamiliar with the tech stack, so there was a learning curve. It was also the first hackathon for half the members of our team and we had trouble brainstorming. There was also a time difference, which made coordinating meetings harder.

What we learned

We gained proficiency in our respective technologies as well as time management and collaboration. We also learned how to communicate and transition projects from design to development. In terms of design, we learned the usage of components, assets, and auto-layout in Figma. For development, we gained experience sharing code using Git, React and Hooks, and SASS.

What's next for our project

The implementation only includes dogs; however, we plan to include other animals such as cats and bunnies to attract more customers. In the future, a review section where users can rate their experience can be added for each animal. While we are a non-profit, we could have a few ads on the site. Additionally, each animal could have their own merch with items such as plushies, with a small percentage of the sales taken to keep our service running. We plan to distribute this product to customers by social media advertisement. We can also partner up with agencies so that they can promote our service as well.

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