After researching the market for months and identifying the love people have for movies and how they cannot watch movies without subscriptions or purchases it was clear that people loved a free movie experience. Furthermore, seeing how animated movies are one of the most loved genres and not only kids, but the whole family loves animated movies I was inspired to build an app and a website for anyone to watch movies...

What it does

Animovies is a website and an app. It's stunning interface and ease of use has made it stand among all other free movie apps and websites Animovies allows anyone to watch animated movies like Secret life of pets 2, Despicable me 3 and Frozen II for free. This app does not charge any fee, it's free forever. Also Animovies offers the chance to download movies in a very simple step-by-step process in any resolution you want (480p, 720p, 1080p) for free. The Animovies website too allows most of these features and it's also free. So you can watch Animated movies on your PC too.

How I built it

The Website The Website building was done first. Firstly the domain was obtained for free (from Freenom). Then the website was built using html coding and hosted in the server of Animovies. All the movies too were uploaded to Animovies. Then the website was secured with https using Cloudflare. With this the website construction finished. The App The initial app building took place as soon as the website was live. Firstly the app was built using appsgeyser app builder. The app provides web view of the movies hosted in the Animovies website. After that the project was imported to Android Studio, debugged and finished. After that the app was published to the Google Play Store. Also Admob ads were integrated to the app.

Challenges I ran into

Major challenges faced include hosting dozens of movies in the server. It required a lot of time. Some other challenges were faced too, but finally I have successfully built the app and published it too.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Publishing the app on Google Play by passing the Google Play Developer policies. Reaching 1K+ downloads within a short period of time.

What I learned

I learned a lot... I learned the competition among apps on the Google Play Store as well as how difficult it is to bring real users and give your users a good experience within the app. Also I've learned, to be successful, you should try to keep your users happy always, and if they request anything new, you must try to satisfy your users.

What's next for Animovies

Animovies is still in its beginning. Major tasks to be achieved include *Publishing the app on Apple App Store. *Reaching 10K+ App downloads soon. *Updating the app with many new features. *Develop the app for Android TV and Fire TV. Also this app will soon be available in the Amazon App Store adding functionality to Fire and Kindle users.

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