I love animals and I believe that real emotional connection with animals is making people lives better, richer and more satisfying. Also, I see that many of us would want to have a pet, but can't "afford" it due to a lifestyle, living conditions or other reasons. On the other hand millions animals in shelters crave people love and support.

So I came up with an idea for a mobile app where people can foster real animals virtually around the globe. Where all the care is done by professionals in shelters and virtual owners can support a real animal by donations, visit them or adopt. Users can make donations using unique animal PayID and become semi-virtual pet owners. PayID provides transparency of money allocation and spending. There is also an option to donate to a shelters using their PayIDs to cover needs of all residents.

Today donations are usually made through traditional ways that are long and expensive thus shelters are losing precious cents on commissions. Meanwhile, using PayID together with XRP is not only a more convenient and a faster option, but it also reduces the frictions that can save lives of real animals.

What it does

  • The app matches users to animals all around the globe. Users can search, filter or browse through categories that include domestic and exotic wild animals living in sanctuaries.
  • Each animal has a profile with pictures, general info, location, current balance and PayID.
  • User can donate to a specific animal or a shelter.
  • After a donation to a specific animal user can find it in My Pets section of the app. User gets notified if one of his/her pets is getting close to running out of money.
  • Pet caretaker (shelter employee) can post updates and pictures of the animal. This way virtual pet owners stay up to date.
  • Pet owner can communicate with caretaker through the app and schedule visits.

How I built it

I've used Sketch and Invision to create a prototype of the Mobile App.

Challenges I ran into

  • Structuring and presenting large amount of data in a concise and user friendly way.
  • Finding a way to build a sustainable product without charging significant commission from users or shelters.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • The app looks clean and easy to use.
  • I'm proud that I give opportunity to human and animals to live a better life.

What I learned

How to apply PayID for solving real world problems and helping those in need.

What's next for ANIML

I plan to hire developers to build an MVP. Meanwhile, I'm going to apply my business development experience to partner up with shelters and exotic pet sanctuaries to get them on board with the idea. As well as working on a business and marketing plan that would attracts users. When the MVP is ready I would test it with both shelters and users. At this point I will have enough traction and understanding of the market to build a sustainable product.

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