Naruto inspired me since childhood never to give up no matter whatever the odds,in His honour i made this app

What it does

It will allow people to check information about various anime and a short description

How we built it

It was built using android studio and Jikan Api

Challenges we ran into

Well extracting information from rest Api created a lot of errors so i used Logcat to debug the code to check everything was extracted properly ,reading json can be complex so i used jsonFormatter from google to organise the data and extract data properly,Then i made many careless mistakes by sending intent wrong which i debugged by watching codes 4-5 times and deciding on skeleton of anime was another problem which took me a while and piccaso dependency was not working properly turns out the place where i was trying to put image didnt exist ie Null.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

learning about piccasso dependency,extracting everything correcly after a given time

What we learned

adapters which allow us to link code with layout of the activity,Rest Api,dependency

What's next for AnimeProject

I will be adding oboarding screen and then if i am able to leanr about database and stuff i would allow people to watch anime using my android app.

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