Project Goals

Create a live-time notification bot that lets users know when a new episode of their favorite show is available to view.

  • Learn how to use web scraping tools in Python
  • Learn how to make a Discord bot in Python

User Experience Example

1) Live demo during presentation 2) You can find all the data we collected from webscraping in the "Web Scraped Data.txt" file in the repo

Implementation Details

Language: Python


  • beautifulsoup4
  • lxml
  • google
  • requests

Used "requests", "beatifulsoup4". and "lxml" for web scraping and parsing html data from Crunchyroll and MyAnimeList. Used "google" for doing google queries.

Trying it out yourself

Make sure you have Python 3.9 or higher

Type in command line:\ pip install -r requirements.txt

Getting a Discord API key:

  1. Go to Discord developer portal
  2. Create new application
  3. In app, go to bots tab, create a new bot
  4. Click "Copy Token" for the new bot

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