We all always adored and wished for a door like anywhere door from the cartoon series Doraemon so we tried to recreate that experience for others by our AR component. We thought of using AR as our base as to make the experience for the users more interactive, thrilling and real. And our second component was inspired by the fans of superheroes and toon characters in us. We always wished that we could have selfies with our beloved superheroes. So, the second component is our way of fulfilling our long aged wishes in a different manner altogether.

What it does

The first component takes you through a door and you are welcomed into a new fascinating world of toon characters of your choice. You can enter through ,look around and enjoy the ambience and visuals. The second component enables you to interact with various famous superheroes and toon characters of your choice. Its a mixed reality component. Moreover you can take selfies too with your beloved characters.

How we built it

We used various plugins to create this app in unity.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted the app to be as realistic as possible so that the users can have an enriching experience. Also it took time to design the photography (selfie) part of our second component.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At last we're happy we were able to create the app the way we wanted and an app which would prove to be an enriching experience to the users.

What we learned

We learned plane detection, how to use plugins and technicalities of MR

What's next for Animation World

We are planning to add more components to our app such as online toon movie streaming in AR so to make it more.

Built With

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