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What it does

How does a hen chirp? Does a dog bark or mew? Have you heard of the Lion bark?? These are few of the ways in which Alexa’s new skill, “Animals Talk” makes the kids learn about the animals in a fun way which not only imparts knowledge but also challenges them to think and analyze the questions. For example, instead of simply saying, “The Lion roars” we have designed our skill to teach kids about animals by making them to think and rather teaches saying, “Have you heard the lion bark??. If you did you probably mistook a dog for a lion. The lion roars and a dog barks….”. This helps them to learn the differences and remember them more easily. Also by adding small stories they find it enjoyable to learn and remember it longer than the traditional methods. Kids have loved this skill and want more. So make sure you introduce this skill to your kids and enjoy seeing them immersed in this new world of animals.

How I built it

using amazon web services node.js lambda function and other software

Challenges I ran into

no challenges faced

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

my media background

What I learned

Coding quickly

What's next for Animals Talk

Regular updation of adding fresh content so you don’t get bored.

Built With

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