Going Hunting. What about virtual hunting? What if we hunt at home.

What it does

The idea is hunting by setting and trap with the proper bait. It is educational for young about animals and baits.

How I built it

  • Google AR core Unity plugin, Unity 2018.3.
  • PHP server (GET, POST) for players management.
  • Kin SDK for Unity

Challenges I ran into

  • Google play store only accept 64 bits app and app approval time much longer then before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Learn KIN SDK and integrated it with AR Application

What I learned

Kin SDK for Unity and Kin SDK for Node.js

What's next for Animals Hunt

  • Hunting in a group that share same location (real time AR multiuser).
  • Adding more animals.
  • Random Kin and baits rewards when hunting Animals.
  • Adding incremental level of complexity.
  • IOS version.

Built With

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