The illegal wildlife trade is a serious issue that requires our attention. People involved are frequently not aware of the issues and education is desperately needed to protect the world’s wildlife.

What it does

Animals alive is an educational portal designed to spread awareness about endangered wildlife and the threat of illegal trade across Southeast Asia.

The Animals Alive hub aims to build connections, matching volunteers with schools and education experiences in order to deliver curriculum based content (linked to English as a second language lessons) to educate people about endangered animals and wildlife products and what can be done to help. Teachers will also have access to lesson content through an online toolkit.

People will be driven to website by zoos, volunteering websites and general travelers who want to make a difference.

How we built it

Jimdo website builder

What's next for Animals alive

For our online hub to be used internationally to share information and create educational materials, to inspire people to help fight these issues, via volunteering, donating etc.

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