This is for the We Hack Too Hackathon. Recommended resolution is 1080 x 768. In this game, you play as a zookeeper taking care of a variety of cute animals. This prototype has 2 interactable animals, and 1 "play" minigame that teaches children about the food chain and predation. By talking and conversing with cute animals, kids can learn more about biological concepts and have fun taking care of their own animals.

Animals each have a variety of dialogue options and a food bar that goes down ever so slightly, so players will have to keep an eye on the hunger of their animals or they will run away from the zoo!

Other ideas that were considered but not implemented due to time constraints were: a happiness meter of the animals that changed upon how often you played or talked to them, a zoo salary that changed depending on the animal's happiness, and a store where one could purchase food appropriate for the animals using the money.

Animals featured in this game are also on the endangered species list to emphasize the importance of conservation in today's society.

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