We've never worked on a mobile app before, so we thought this hackathon would be a great opportunity to learn something new and build a fun project! We also wanted to build a project that integrated machine learning and computer vision.

What it does

AnimalEd is an educational tool geared toward young children that helps them learn about animals in an exploratory manner. Users can just upload a picture and using Google’s Firebase Machine Learning Kit, our app identifies the animal. We then pair the named animal with our data set and output its classification.

How we built it

We used documentation and online tutorials to learn about how to install Flutter and Firebase ML. These resources were super helpful to us as we were developing the app:

Challenges we ran into

Neither of us had any prior experience with app development nor had tried out any Google products before. We faced many challenges and obstacles that held us back in the beginning but are very satisfied with our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're super proud of the fact that we were able to complete the project even though we've never done something like this before.

What we learned

We received extensive mentoring from Google developers and overall learned a lot about how to create apps and work with a complex machine learning model.

What's next for AnimalEd

Including more interactive features for students to use.

Built With

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