I wanted to create a screen-free educational game that my kids would enjoy to play.

What it does

It's a quiz. Includes high-quality sounds to help children of all ages learn about animals while having fun at the same time.

Skill Animal Sounds plays five sounds and your part is to guess animal names. For every right answer, you get a point. Alexa tries to help you as much as she can.

There are 32 different animals, so you have to play many times to be a master of this game.

How I built it

Coding. Testing on myself, testing on my wife, testing on my family. A little more testing and feedback collection. Repeat.

Challenges I ran into

It looks easy to do but it's harder than I thought to create smooth VUX (Voice User Experience) for kids. I had to go through different concepts and lots of testing.

Plus it's hard to test Alexa skill that includes many audio files just reading output texts but you can test it on the device itself. It takes more time but it's exactly what user experiences.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

My kids love to play this game.

What I learned

I'm new to voice controlled devices so I've learned a lot about Alexa interaction model, intents, and coding in this environment. Especially creating good VUX takes lots of time.

What's next for Animal Sounds

Following user feedback in reviews and unhandled user requests. More testing on family and friends. Creating better skill.

And as a next version: creating Animals Sounds Echo Show edition.

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