This is the frame work for a future app we want to build

Have you ever had the issue where you see an animal and you want to know what it is? Or if you're at home laying in your bed you see a spider and you want to know if it's poisonous without googling the description.

Here's where our application comes in. Using the IBM Watson API we were able to create a web app that could recognize animals and identify them with labels. We added a (non-functioning) wikipedia button because it is going to be part of a future project, we wanted to link to the wikipedia article for the identified animal. Think of a pokedex for actual animals. Down to the integration of animal calls available when the animal is identified, which would have to be hard coded. The mobile application would involve a data base.and you would take a picture of an animal and you would have the taxonomy of the animal right in front of you on the spot. If the information doesn't exist in the data base, allow the user to add it.

We started out with a language we were somewhat familiar with, which was python. Watson has a python sdk but for best optimization and use of of the Visual-Recognition, java script would be best. The API is built on nodeJS and uses express.js as well to interact with the html docs.

*images can be dragged and dropped as well as pasted as image-urls. Or select from a preset of images. **we had planned to integrate machine learning to have the application learn to recognize certain characteristics of animals. Right now it essentially checks the tags of the image and determines an animal based on that.

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