This is basically a Wikipedia of animals showing where they live and what is their count in the world at present! So, that if by chance one stumbles up-on the rouge or lost animal they know about the habitat animal lives in and can take care of them till the informed authority takes them back to their natural home! Other main motive is to make people aware which are endangered and needs extra attention!

What it does

It show's details about wild-life animal like where they live, what is their count in the world at present, which category they belong too!

How we built it

Build using CockroachDB for database, HTML,PUG, CSS for frontend and NodeJs, Express for backend!

Challenges we ran into

Using database was a tough, as we creating a data was easy, but either updating or deleting was tough. So, after working around few tweaks, partial updating of data is now feasible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This project might be able to help the people for creating awareness and help the rouge animals by providing them the best support they can.

What we learned

Learned about the CockroachDB and SQL command which works on it!

What's next for AnimalPedia

Currently it has one table for all the data, in future database will be split into 4 categories like animal, birds, plants and endangered with the addition of search feature making it user friendly for people.

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