The online competition on Alexa Multi Modal challenge has inspired us to come up with Alexa Multi-modal app.

As we all know that in current digital age, kids wants spend more time on modern electronic devices like Amazon echo, echo show, fire tv etc..

These devices has good potential to play critical roles in kids learning through educational application.

On some research and brain storming, we found that we don't have kids friendly app which can provide interactive experience on modern Alexa devices on different Animals.

We have taken this as an opportunity to build a kids friendly app which can be used by everyone to learn something about animal.

What it does

This application can play vital role to provide general information about any animal of your choice.

Currently, it is providing sound of animal, photo, short description and some fun facts about that animal in most immersive and delightful way.

Although this application is design for Alexa device with APL, it will work on all Alexa enabled devices including Fire tablets, Alexa Mobile app and echo devices.

How we built it

This application is developed using modern multi-modal APL ( Alexa Presentation Language ). It is new design language built by Amazon to provide voice first, visual Alexa skills that adapts to different device type.

We have used almost all major components which APL is currently offering to design our application having excellent user experience on APL enabled Alexa devices including echo spot, echo show , fire TV , fire cube tv etc..

However, this application is compatible with Alexa devices which are not yet compactible with APL to cover all Alexa users. These devices includes fire tablets, Alexa app on range of devices, headless Alexa enabled devices like Amazon echo etc...

This will enabled all Amazon customers having any kind of Alexa enabled device would be able to use this app.

Challenges we ran into

This is our first time in developing the Alexa skill, so there was a little learning curve.

Since we are targeting all Alexa enabled devices including fire tablet, Alexa app on mobile devices, headless echo devices, there were lots of dependency on simulators as we did not have all Amazon devices to carry out our testing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Eventually, we are able to make an Alexa Skill which works on all Alexa Devices including fire tablet and Alexa mobile app on range of devices along with targeted devices like echo show, spot and fire TV.

However, customes will have best user experience on Devices which are APL enabled

What we learned

Since this was our first Alexa Skill Application, we learned lots of new things including AWS echo system, creating voice applications, the life cycle of Alexa Skill application from development to certification.

What's next for Animal Info

This is initial version. We are still working on improving it. We will come up with next version based on customer feedback

Built With

  • alexa
  • alexa-presentation-language
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