I wanted to build a game like Magic or Gods Unchained but full blockchain, without the need of a database.

What it does

You connect to the game, load information from the blockchain. You get free cards to start. You select 20 cards for your first deck. You are able to start the Game. Your mana increase each turn and you can place better cards that cost more mana. Each turn you get a random card. An the end of the game your cards have win experience for damages dealed You can sell your card to other players You can buy special cards. And ressel them when they have a better level.

How we built it

It is pure React.js application calling Solidity Smart contract on Emeral Testnet throw ethers javacript lib. It does not have a server. Game and user action are executed within the blockchain. For speed purpose Actions are processed localy and sent to the server at the end of the turn as a batch. Turn end take about 6 second on emerald.

Challenges we ran into

Having a fully functional game on the blockchain, needed to split the smart contract and adapt the game to the timing of the blockchain and the possibilities for data storage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game prove that it is possible with further development to have a really fun game that will work on all platforms.

What we learned

What's next for Animal Dominance

Balance the game (Card attack/life/mana...) Add possibility for the community to submit card change and new cards.

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