Poor Conditions for the street animals in the neighborhood

What it does

Provides a platform to monitor and help the animals

How we built it

We used html, css and javascript for front-end and node js, express js for the backend. We used heroku for database

Challenges we ran into

This was one of our first websites so we took a lot of time in creating and integrating the backend. We faced difficulty in integrating mailchimp api and also we were facing some problem in creating the database

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first website so that in itself was a big accomplishment for us.

What we learned

Time management and its need was the most important thing we learned along with the know how of creating a website. Some of the members were also newer the area of web development so for them it was a start of learning and working on the area of web development

What's next for Animal Aid

We are looking forward to make our website even more interactable by creating a social media like page so that different animal users can chat in a community. We also want to add new features like adding details of veterinary services nearby and a platform to keep track of the orphaned animals.

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