As a kid, I loved going on school field trips and learning about the animals around me. With many schools being closed, I wanted to provide an educational experience at home. This way, students can travel and learn about animals from the comfort of their living room!

What it does

In Animal Adventures, you can walk around and explore the environment. In the environment, animals are roaming around. When an animal approaches you, you can pet the animal to learn facts about them, such as their behaviors, habitat, foods they eat, speed, and other fun facts! You can also choose to approach an animal you see yourself.

How I built it

Animal Adventures was built using Unity and can be played on an Oculus headset. Assets are from the Unity Store.

Challenges I ran into

This was my first time working with Oculus, Unity, and C#. My computer is very old, so the Unity setup process took a lot of time and adjusting. It took a long time to get the Oculus to load the apk. When I was able to finally set up Unity to develop for Oculus, I ran into trouble with moving the animals and learning how functions work together.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very excited to have built my first app for VR! I'm proud of myself for learning a new programming language too!

What I learned

Developing for VR!

What's next for Animal Adventures

I want Animal Adventures to be even more immersive and educational. In the future, I hope to add science facts to include information about the weather, plants, trees, and more! I also want to develop assets to simulate real life national parks and well-known places around the world. I hope to also include a time travel feature for students to go back in time and learn about extinct animals.

Thanks for reading and thank you to TreeHacks for this opportunity! :)

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