Speed up and democratize the ability to produce convincing storyboards and layouts for visual storytellers.

What it does

AnimAid is the ultimate tool for rapid prototyping of story concepts. Accessible to millions (available on all ARKit and ARCore devices), AnimAid seeks to democratize the skill and tools used for creating concept art and storyboards. There are 3 main components to the system.

  1. Drawing mode to feed two 2D viewports of a hypothetical 3D model. Uses deep learning to synthesize a basic 3d model from the two viewpoints.
  2. Laying out a scene's geometry in AR and moving cameras to get the perfect shot. Ability to add custom geometry formed by the deep learning system in (1).
  3. Capture a nice angle into the scene in AR, then drawing story content on top (chars, stage directions, etc..)

Check out our Slideshow for engineering details, challenges faced, and what is next for AnimAid:

Also on Github here:

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