Animadex acts like a rea life pokedex. Ever play pokemon? A pokedex in pokemon is what the player uses to document and learn more about the pokemon they find in the wild. Just like in the game, animadex encourages people to go and catch em' all! Through photos of course.

After capturing an animal (on camera) using their animadex, people get info on that specific animal, including things such as their scientific classification and their native range. Did we also mention that it reads this all back to you? Just like in the pokemon TV show and video game! And, of course, if you want to simply look at all the pokemon you've managed to get on animadex, you can do that too with our animal encyclopedia feature.

Building this came with a lot of struggles as a team. Android development and Azure cloud service are two powerful things that can be very difficult to combine successfully. We built a web app running on flask and python that uses the clarifai API and wikipedia API to both find the animal in the picture and gather information about that animal. Using android SDK, we built an android app capable of calling this web app, sending it a photo captured from a camera, and relay back all the information needed for the user to see in real time!

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