No one likes to be alone—and gym sessions are no exception. Whenever you need a gym partner, either because you need a spotter, a trainer, or just someone to workout with, Aniki uses its advanced matching algorithm to match you and your potential gym partner. Safety, reliability, and your SWOLEMATE—all start with a simple click: find your gym partner. Concept: Social life at Stevens is not awfully interesting—partly due to the pathetic male-to-female proportion. Thus, gym life has become an essential part of our experience. However, gym life is never complete without your gym bro—but they might be busy doing something else. Or, you can just be a newcomer, scared of being laughed at in the gym when you don’t know what to do with those machines. Or, you may just need a spotter. So now, what do you do? Aniki is a web-based application that helps match you with a gym partner whenever you need him/her. Aniki matches your preference with people in your proximity based on your workout routine, your training experience, and, of course, your current location. After both you and your desired bro/sis agree to work out together, Aniki will confirm your gym session. After you end your workout session, you will rate your gym partner—a rating score that will rank you as a more desirable bro/sis next time someone asks around for a spotter. Aniki is special in such a way that it not only gets you a gym partner, but it also makes you a friend. The rating system guarantees that you always find someone who is supportive and fun to work with. Therefore, we try to increase the possibility of you turning your gym partner into a real friend. In an environment that especially lacks of social scenes, these meaningful gym sessions can be opportunities to network. Later on, our team may expand our services into areas such as basic fitness education, peer-to-peer coaching, and so on. In terms of its business potentials, we believe the future for Aniki is as bright as it can be. In the short run, it provides a connection between Stevens students and their desired workout partner. Afterwards, we can expand the market to everyone within the community and eventually relaxes the limitation of locations, making our application usable in virtually every neighborhood that has a gym around it. In the long run, the business start to profit off of direct advertising revenues, personal coaching commissions, and may develop our own line of supplements—all are asset-light income sources. Proof of concept: In this hackathon, we attempt to prove the feasibility of our idea by demonstrating an example workout experience with Aniki. Zeke, an entry-level bodybuilder, will be looking for a gym partner. He goes on Aniki. Aniki prompts him to enter his information. After storing his information into his account, Aniki ranks his matches by its unique system. Zeke views his matches, and send out an invite to Tong, a massive Aniki indeed. Tong accepts the invite, and—we skip the actual workout. Afterwards, Tong and Zeke rate each other, and we will see they’re peer assessment scores increase.

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