What it does

This is a smart contract system for coffee supply chain. It is designed to facilitate awareness and tracking of commodities to Coffee Farmers in Ghana. This allows a user to lend money to an African farmer for labor, and controls the payment of money. In addition, it makes it so all sales through this farm pay back a percentage to the lender until their debt is fully paid.

How I built it

I used Tezos Smart contract language, Liquidity.

Challenges I ran into

It is difficult because there needs to be rigid guidelines in a lending platform. I wanted to ensure there wasn't opportunities for a user to steal from a lender, or a contract to be exploited. Also, tezos has very specific rules for calling external functions, which means that you need to define an list of operations to call at the end of each functions execution.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think it was really interesting learning how to combine a real life problem, like coffee farming in Africa, with a smart contract system that empowers the farmers to have awareness of their supply chain, and allows US based lenders to provide support in a very controlled manner.

What I learned

I learned a lot about how to integrate a supply chain into a smart contract. It's a very complicated problem and I think we scratched the surface of some of the problems it can solve, in addition to some of the solutions blockchain can provide.

What's next for Anidasor Aba Boston

Hopefully we can work to create a minimal UI and verify the security of some of the app components.

Built With

  • liquidity
  • tezos
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