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The Prompt- Stuck in our personal-bubbles, our world has grown apart. Our social interaction between the pockets of opinions has devolved into endless provocations and conflicts in anonymous comment sections and forums. Differently minded communities are unlikely to interact in a non-confrontational way. We currently are highly unlikely to meet new people outside our existing community or friend-group with the ongoing pandemic regulations.

The Solution- Use the app to get matched with someone with a different opinion or ideology. Begin the conversation from the safety of anonymity while engaging in a debate with your opponent. The goal is not to simply discredit your opponent, but to open their eyes to who you are as a person and from where you are coming from in this conversation. Over time your anonymity fades, revealing your identity to your chat partner, and you will be faced with them and the option to add them as a friend and continue the conversation outside the chat.

The End goal- Make a new connection to someone you might not initially agree with. Bridge the rift that has been created between the opinion camps in today‘s society, one person at a time.

Built With

  • figma
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