An app that will never allow any boss to be unhappy.

Angry Boss is a Gamified Realtime performance review application that lets you know what you are boss feel about your performance (Expression Based), every now and then. Never let your boss get angry on you anymore. You are reviewed on the go. And your boss don't want to do your review, app does it for him. Easy, Simple & Gamified.

The best app is not the one with best features, but the one that people uses. Let us look at few relevant points :

  • Businesses spent $300 billion on enterprise software (Gartner Research), yet usage of this software is only 50 percent due to lack of engagement.

  • In US alone, $370 Billion is lost due to disengagement of employees in a period of 5 years. (Gallop Poll)

  • Engagement on Mobiles & Games is skyrocketing.

  • We all hate filling forms now & then.

Let us see Happy Bose's around hereafter.

Major Features :

  • Get points for all your good deads. Earn badges.
  • Get your performance tracked, and see the graph week, month or year wise.
  • If you happened to dissatisfy your bose, still you can make him happy by losing your points.[Dont do it]
  • You can see where you stand among your peers.
  • Earn points by helping your peers or request help, and reward points to the angels.
  • See & Update your progress on tasks.
  • And what not, you can redeem the points earned for cool goodies or companies merchandise.

Stay Cool, Stay Happy with a Happy Boss !

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