Lately, Mexico has faced some issues related with insecurity, sexual harassment and even worse kidnapping and sexual abuse. Our team was deeply pondering a way in which we can help to solve that problem, that's why we introduce you to a simple solution, a GPS tracker that people of trust can access with a specific code given by the person who's going to use our app.

What it does

Let other people you trust track your mobile location, updated in real-time every 20 seconds or so.

How we built it

First, we created a Messenger bot using the Messenger API, this bot sends data through Firebase to our database and collects user location in order for it to be returned. The Android app has a job services that updates the mobile location in the database. We used cutting-edge technology available in the market.

Challenges we ran into

The technologies we used where unknown to us, so we had to learn the inner workings of them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got our server up and running, the database communication and the app too.

What we learned

Mainly javascript

What's next for Angelus

Retrieve even more mobile information (just for security purposes).

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