Digital voice assistants are entering our homes, and are getting better and better at the most natural form of interaction: Spoken dialog. This project aims to take advantage of this technology to make it easier than ever for users to contribute to proofreading Khan Academy translations.

What it does

It uses Google Home as an interface to crowdsource proofreading Khan Academy content and thus improve quality of the material.

How I built it

It was built upon Actions on Google and Dialogflow.

Challenges I ran into

Currently Google Assistant doesn't support Swedish, which would have been the primary target for this concept. It is readily available for several other languages, so those regions could benefit today, and Sweden could be added later.

What's next for Angels of Khan

It needs to be developed further and connected to real data from the Khan Academy translations database.

Built With

  • google-assistant
  • google-home
+ 9 more
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