More people are trying to use the bicycle to go at work and also in the free time, this is the reason why they need an angel to protect them on the road. We identified some of the causes for the accidents where the bikers are involved and the root cause is the intent of changing the direction.

What it does

This equipment will help the biker to be SEEN on the traffic, basically he will have a vest with lights that will light if he want to turn left or right and also if something unexpected appear and he needs to stop.

How we built it

We will use Arduino and an equipment made out of a pair of gloves with sensors and a vest with lights. The gloves will identify the intention of stopping or signaling of the bicyclist with the help of the sensors and will send messages to the vest which will light up.

Challenges we ran into

-make all the wireless modules to communicate -make a hand made bending sensor -new equipment in 48 Hours

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-new idea in terms of safety -nice signalization made from RGB LEDs

What we learned

  • how to handle situations when nothing works :) -how to transform an idea into a project

What's next for Angel Wings

  • we have in plan to make a standard for the bicycles
  • transform the idea in a startup

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