Do you ever forget who you previously met? You may see somebody and remember that you previously met him or her, but you can't remember where... or what you talked about... or who that person was with. You're embarrassed because that person remembers you.

Wouldn't it be great if you had an "Angel" on your shoulder to whisper in your ear those details?

What it does

"Angel" is a virtual assistant that remembers information about people you meet and can remind you when you ask her. Angel can remember: --The person's name --Where he is from --When you met him --Who that person's girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse/SO is

Angel works either on an Amazon Echo hardware device or a smartphone using the Reverb app.

How I built it

I wrote the code in node.JS. Angel consists of an Amazon lambda function + a set of speech assets, which determine which voice commands trigger the actions in the lambda function. I utilized Amazon's slots, which are essentially sets of words that can be recognized when a user speaks them (e.g., US_First_Names, Date, US_States). I tested Angel with the Amazon Echo Dot 2.

What's next for Angel

I would like to enable Angel to remember more complex conversations topics that you might have discussed with a user. I would also like to enable Angel to guess the user's name after being told about these conversation topics.

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