My project is meant to give students an interactive online learning experience all about algebra, specifically slope intercept form.

I thought this would make a good project because for many students, math becomes overly abstract, and is hard to follow. This project is meant to keep math more tangible.

I built the project using html, css, and javascript. I felt like it was a learning experience for a few reasons. First, this was my first time I used Github. So I had to learn how it worked. Second, I hadn't use CSS in a long time, so it was good practice for me to work with it again. Third, I had a bit of a hard time learning how to use the Plotly API. I haven't had much experience integrating other APIs into my project, so I felt that was a good learning experience.

If I had more time to build out this project, I would add more types of equations, and more ways to interact with them. That way there could be multiple possible learning opportunities from the project.

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