Although we wish we could communicate with everyone in our lives via Slack, the reality is we often still need to use old-school email. I wanted to make a bot that would essentially be an email client living in Slack to allow emailing directly using a personal email account without switching to another app.

What it does

After authorizing the bot to manage emails from you gmail account, simply send a DM to @anfon specifying the recipient, the subject and the email body - and vóila!

How I built it

Using node.js and AWS services incuding API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB. Makes use of the new Slack Events API, as well as the Gmail API.

Challenges I ran into

Having never used API Gateway, Lambda or DynamoDB before now, there was a ton to learn in a short period of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I accomplished exactly what I set out to create in about 2 weeks in my spare time- all while using technologies I never touched before.

What I learned

A ton about various AWS services and the general AWS ecosystem.

What's next for Anfon

Plenty more to do! e.g. - Allowing sending email attachments by uploading files to Slack; subcribing to email threads and being notified of replies to your emails.

Built With

  • api-gateway
  • dynamodb
  • gmail-api
  • lambda
  • node.js
  • slack-api
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