The only thing I love more than Bitcoin, is putting my face on things - Andy


AndyBucks.Club allows you to fulfill all of your wildest egotistical dreams by printing your own currency with real value. Use it to:

  • Pay all of your personal debts
  • Introduce friends/family/strangers to Bitcoin in a fun way
  • Form a sovereign nation and fund your national budget

The possibilities are endless!

Each AndyBuck is backed by Bitcoin and can at any time be redeemed for its Bitcoin value through use of the private key printed on the front. AndyBucks are even reloadable. Simply send any amount of Bitcoin to the Buck using the public address QR code. You can check the balance of the Buck with the same QR code.

Simply go to AndyBucks.Club, upload your face, choose the number of bucks you want, and fund them with your Coinbase account. Then sit back and let AndyBucks generate your sweet, sweet cash. Simply print your currency once they appear, and start spending!

Planned Features:

  • Customization of Buck text and emblems
  • Uploading of custom Buck templates
  • Sharing custom Bucks with other Club members
  • Leaderboards to show the Bucks that have had the most value pumped into them
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