In our globalized world, Indigenous Languages are dying as we speak. It is our duty to preserve the languages. Inspired by the issue, we decide to create a website to raise awareness of the matter in a fun and interactive way.

What it does

  1. Have awareness that indigenous languages are being endangered and facing extinction.
  2. Explore the indigenous languages in countries (through a world map).
  3. Learn or search up with SUSI.AI for some phrases of Ainu by linking them to their English meaning.

How we built it

We built a Python Flask web app. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap is used to Style the app. AMCharts 3 is used for the map. (Vanilla) Javascript is used to interact with the SUSI API and for some interactivity. Flask is used to host and template the webpage, along with provide some APIs for use with SUSI skills.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have enough programming experience, and had never participated in a hackathon before. We were not sure on how to implement SUSI AI into our web app. Moreover, we did not have knowledge on how to integrate SUSI skills.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to integrate the SUSI AI into our website, and make a SUSI skill to use it. Moreover, we managed to make a website at all despite our lack of experience. Finding and compiling the phrases of Ainu with their suitable English translation, and using it in our website, really pushed our limits

What we learned

We have got some experience in a hackathon, and learnt how to collaborate and delegate roles. Moreover, through this event and attending some workshops, we managed to gain some technical skills, such as learning how to use SUSI AI, which proves useful as he dive deeper into the industry.

What's next for AndWhyJayCee

We will add more languages to our translation tool and finish up countries on the map. We could also improve our write-up and design of the website.

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