Android app developed using Android studio to see whether one is fit for driving after consumption of alcohol.

The app that I am currently working on will aim to help people take responsibility for their actions and make them realise the consequences. To create a sense of responsibility I hope to use the importance that we place on social connections. In a situation when someone is drunk and insists that they are fine the app can be used by fellow friends and family in that situation to help them realise that they should not be driving. The friend or the family member would have them take the test which will help elucidate the fact their reaction time has slowed down and they are lacking brain-hand coordination. Through this app, I also hope to raise awareness about the perils of drunk driving. The app will be prefaced with hard facts about drunk driving in hopes to persuade them into making the correct decision. Ideally the app would work with a portable breathalyser that is readily available in markets today, however, as I am not familiar with embedded software programming I hope to work on this even after the quarter.

I am entering this app for the raffle competition as I only recently started working on it and have a long way to go before a minimum viable product.

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