Our idea

What we wanted to do in this project was to bring paper-and-pencil games to android OS. We started to search for this type of games at first.


Sprouts is a not very well-known paper-and-pencil game with interesting mathematical properties. We wanted to develop this game because you cannot find it on Google Play and we supposed that it was not a very ambitious project as we are new at developing with android studio.

Our Conclusions

We had a great time developing the game and we learned how to work with simple interactive interfaces. Sometimes, as we are unexperienced, things didn't come out as we expected. Luckily, we came up with crazy solutions thanks to 5AM Carlsbergs, and we finally managed to put an end to our dearly first android project.

Interesting Notes

Hopefully it will be top 10 best-seller at Google Play!

Built With

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