I love Twitch and the Amazon Alexa platforms and for the longest time I wanted to bring them together in a perfect synergy. Amazon is the premier voice application platform but is a one-on-one experience with its users. Twitch is powerful broadcasting platform that reaches millions but is not very personal. Combined they are the best of both worlds, allowing Twitch broadcasters to engage their viewers in innovative, creative ways that mere chat room banter and passive viewing can not do.

What it does

With AndroidChat Twitch broadcasters can effortlessly create fun quizzes to tickle the imagination of their viewers and keep them happily engaged. But that same powerful feature when combined with the convenience and power of the Alexa platform is magnified exponentially. AndroidChat bridges the gap between users that want to engage with the broadcaster in an active, vocal manner, by talking instead of type as they participate in stimulating quizzes meant to test their game knowledge.

How I built it

AndroidChat was built using the Alexa Skills platform, backed by a DynamoDB driven Node.JS server.

Challenges I ran into

Solidifying the linkages that span all the different technology stacks was a daunting, but stimulating adventure!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a seamless bridge between the Alexa and Twitch platforms that will give millions of people hours of extra enjoyment on my two favorite tech platforms

What I learned

Sleep is as crucial as it is hard to find as contest deadlines approach.

What's next for AndroidChat

Other languages, more advanced quizzes, and bidirectional natural language processing between the chat room and the broadcaster to create higher level games around the game being streamed.

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