Android Tools

Node.JS application to help with Android development.

Getting started

You need to have both nodejs and npm installed on your computer.

To install Android Tools you need to execute the following command:

npm install android-tools -g

Please note that this repository is not published on npm yet, so you need to clone this repository and, instead of running npm install android-tools -g, you should run npm install . -g on the root directory of this repository.

How it works

This tool has the following dependencies:

  • adb
  • ant
  • android

Both adb and android are available inside the Android SDK folder under platform-tools and tools respectively. The ant tool usually cames with the JRE. If you don't have it, you must install it.

You should be able to run all of those tools directly on your shell, so you need to set the right path on your .bash_profile:

ln -s /path/to/sdk/tools/android /path/to/sdk/platform-tools
echo "export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/path/to/sdk/platform-tools" >> ~/.bash_profile

This should do the trick.

Want to test it?

To create a new Android project (or configure an existing one), run:

android-tools init

To build an app, go to the application directory and run:

android-tools build

To run an app, go to the application directory and run:

android-tools run

Ok, but how it works?

On the current version, it basically uses the ant to generate a debug signed apk file and the adb to install on the device and display the runtime log using adb's logcat.

In which stage is it?

The application can only build, install, execute and log the application. It is on its early stages, so you shouldn't use it on your daily development.

If you need more help, you can always execute android-tools --help.

usage: android-tools [init, build, run] 
optional parameters: 
    run [--logcat]

    android-tools init
    android-tools build
    android-tools run --logcat


If you are interested on this project, please send me an email or just simply fork it and make a pull request.

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