SQUARE POS is a very good terminal for processing credit/debit transactions, but does not allow to install other Apps from google play. Having a low cost Android POS will allow small stores such as restaurants and shops to install and use all the apps they need in a single POS terminal, while using SQUARE to process credit/debit transactions and print receipts and reports. It also has the functionality of accepting fix amount donations, tips and payments.

What it does

Application for running SQUARE credit/debit transactions in an Android POS.

How I built it

Using Square POS SDK for Android. Also integrated printer drivers for WISENET7 pos from pos manufacturer.

Challenges I ran into

Locating POS terminal that is compatible with square and has Play store certification.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Integrating the Square reader to the Android POS in a semi-unattended mode.

What I learned

How to control receipt printer for generating reports and receipts.

What's next for Android POS for Square transactions

Promote the app and monetize

Built With

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