Wanting to make an app was one of our dreams since we started pursuing CS in college. Something that we could physically interact with was the goal and this application is our first step towards that goal.

What it does

This app pulls information from a public API. "" Then, it parses it into readable data through the use of retrofit2. The app then creates a user-friendly UI for the user to read with an intuitive system. The images are loaded through glide and presented on cards for the user to tap on.

How We built it

This app was created in android studio and the help of online tutorials and library documentation.

Challenges We ran into

At first, we had trouble loading images into image views which required us to download 151 images which would be inefficient if we plan to expand the application. Thus, we changed to glide which allowed us to pull images from the internet through URLs that were read from the .json file through retrofit.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We were able to finish a presentable application that looks decently polished to the public and able to download it into our mobile device.

What We learned

We truly realized the difficulty of combining back end to front end code and how arduous making presentable GUI could be.

What's next for Android Pokédex

This project could be expanded to another API and read more than just 150 pokemons. It could also be expanded for other API's also.

Built With

  • android-studio
  • androidx
  • cardview
  • chipview
  • glide
  • java
  • materialsearchbar
  • recyclerview
  • retrofit2
  • rxjava
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