GUI and CLI Tool to easily create resized copies of an Image to use as an android resource.

How it works

  • Receives any valid image file as an input.
  • Creates android drawable folder structure and puts each corresponding image on it's place.


  • gui:

    • Open bin/ folder.
      • Unix: Execute
      • Windows: Execute android-iconizer-gui.cmd
  • cli:

    • -i(--input)* Absolute path of icon to resize.
    • -o(--output) Absolute to save the resized images to.
    • -n(--name) Output filename of the icon.
    • -t(--type)[contextual,actionbar,notification]** Type of icon that specifies the resolution used to resize the icon (default is contextual).
    java -jar android-iconizer.jar -i "C:/image.png" -o "C:/output/" -name "my-awesome-icon" -t contextual

* required

** type: This specifies the actual resolution that is going to be used to resize the icon, each type corresponds to a different resolution set as described in:


To build use the following maven cli command:

mvn clean install assembly:single

It will generate two files:

  • android-iconizer-{version}.jar: No dependency binary. (won't work unless ou set the classpath with all dependencies manually)
  • android-iconizer.jar: Binary with library dependencies embedded. This is the actual executable.


Special thanks to the creators of these libraries:

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