In the midst of this pandemic COV-19, Churches can still go live share daily verses with its members. The application can be used to share daily verses and prayer topics with its church members. Knowing the number of members to come to church in this pandemic where contact between people is not allowed.here comes this app which can allow the pastor to post prayer topics and daily verses to members having the app on their phones.

     #How to use the app

About the Church Android App. Functionalities Navigation drawer In the drawer we have 1-Home which has two tabs 1-a: Daily Verses About the daily verses It will be updated daily. When clicked “ Add button “below, a popup shows with a message let’s check if you are part of the verse of the day team. I did that to allow only authorized people to add verse of the day. It goes this way: You can choose any number of people with name and secret code then I will allow only those people to update the verse of the day so that it won’t be the work of only one person. When passed they will be allowed to update the existing one or add new. The name of the person who send the update will be shown on the view there and also in the notification that will be sent to those devices which had the app installed. When updated, it will immediately reflect on all devices having internet access or reflect when connected. For testing purposes you can use Secret name: Word Secret code:1234 Secret name: Bride Secret code: 1111 You can use the precedent secret name and code to test the daily verse side. I have added event ,daily verse and testimony myself for to see how it will work. 1.b:live streaming

When clicked on the popup menus You can add an event or announcement which also is restricted to specific people to handle with the same pass name and code. When an event or announcement is made it displays on events timeline for everyone to see. It can be edited or deleted buy only the allowed people.

Testimonials side is opened for everyone. You can delete any post that is not convenient for people to see. They can post from anywhere provided they install the app. It can also be edited or deleted.

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