Inspiration : firstly , i like to learn many new things . and i like to study mobile computing with android. and the normal attendance method is slow so i thought to making online android system which is easy to use and can run on any android devices. and most of schools can't able to use that because its paid, run on another server and also difficult to use it.

What it does : this app can manage student attendance daily wise. in this app a admin is there which can add faculty and student course wise. there is a login page for faculty where teacher and update, edit student attendance.

How I built it : i built this app by using android studio software. in which we use java code to implement the project . and making layout in software also.

Challenges I ran into : me and my team got in many challenges like first we all member of group getting fix to source code which is really very hard. gradle setup and running, taking much time to draw/make layouts , and the hardest challenge is to run the project. first we setup AVD DEVICES, API downloading virtual device and run onto it it take so much time .


Accomplishments that I'm proud of : that we able to complete this project from the given time, managing team member and their work , and without know that much use of android studio we able to complete it.

What I learned: I learned to built the android app, importance of team and team work, a good control on java language .

What's next for Android-Attendance-App: In future we can use firebase or my sql so they san record it as offline also, we can add student page where student can login and check his/her attendance, we can add student marks exam report which can be very useful in future.

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