Team Name: EduTuts

Team Slack Usernames:

  • Ajiferuke - EduTuts
  • Adejuwon_EduTuts
  • Rachael_team_EduTuts
  • Chinedu_EduTuts



What really inspired us can be subtitled into the following:

  • Ineffective communication among students, lecturers and staffs within and across various institutions.
  • Discomfort in finding past questions to practice before the real time examination.
  • Emotional pressure suffered by students in locating the examination venue or various places in a particular institution.
  • Unavailability of enough resources online for institution versatility.

What it does

  • Providing a chat system similar to whatsapp to aid ease and effective communication.
  • Providing a local database of genuine questions and answers of various institutions also jamb, waec and neco for practice.
  • Provision of local guide system using GPS to be versatile with various places in a particular institution when visiting for the first time or vice versa.
  • Provision of various materials like list of courses, departments e.t.c offered by each institution.

How I built it

We built this application by various consults from the team members.

Challenges I ran into

Firstly we ran into a lot of problems because we were working remotely. Communication was a problem but we succeeded in averting disaster by creating a Whatsapp group where we communicated in real-time. We also made calls across each other. We used a lot of help from Stackoverflow to solve many coding problems, bugs and learn new things that we implemented in our project. 6 days is a very short time to create the app so we used Google Material design reference resources to design quickly. Although we put in a lot of hours, our app may still be buggy but its functional to an extent.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working remotely with a team of people that have never met or known each other to build a functional app is almost impossible. It is tough but we managed to develop at least a minimal MVP even if its buggy, we are proud of this accomplishment.

What I learned

We learnt that an effective communication and collaboration tool was very crucial in our success. We learnt that stackoverflow was a very important problem solving website for solving many coding problems. We learnt that we were fortunate to have an effective team that was very responsive. We learnt that is never easy working with a team remotely to create an app in 7 days thanks to Google, Stackoverflow, and many other coding websites we got help from. We learnt that it was a good experience having the opportunity to participate in Naijahacks2019 to learn more.

What's next for campus chat

Local Guide System

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