My application entry is a Digital Rolodex, currently named, Androdex. It will become a container for digital business cards, helping to organize users, and help information be more accessible. It has been a huge learning experience, and many more features will become available in the future. At the moment it is not available to the public, but will eventually be free of charge to all consumers, via the Google Play Store (formerly the Android Market). Upon opening the Androdex you are met with four(4) icons presently. They include: View Cards: applications with the package name starting junk.druggler are put into an array list. They are listed in alphabetical order with their version number and the package icon. Manifest examples will be available to third party developers to contribute content for the Androdex. Lisencing or approval is not needed. The Androdex will be open for third party developments and ideas. Find More Cards: This does a simple search of the Google Play Store, looking for applications compatible to be viewed by Androdex. At the moment the content is minimum as the Application is net released. These cards can be very versatile. Whether it be a simple, black text on a white background digital card, or an elaboratly designed application containing animations and multiple links. Any Android application could essentially be opened via the Androdex, as long as it meets the package name criteria Take a Note: Opens a canvas for Samsung Galaxy Note users. This canvas has the ability to take quick notes to be stored by Androdex. It is not meant to be a "Digital Business Card Creator" just a quick canvas to jot down an appointment or phone number. Email Me:A quick way to contact me regarding any questions regarding use of the Androdex or the ability to request information for third party use. The goal of the Androdex is as an organization tool. Too many times I have lost a paper business card before inputing the contact information into my contacts. Now there is a simple alternative for business card buyers. With the ease of uploading a digital business card to the cloud and sharing it via QR code or the Android Market. Now with the addition of the quick note taking ability of the S Pen SDK, the Androdex now easily organizes editable notes for those important moments.

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