Coda founder is ex Google employee who is highly skilled in technology development and program management who built advanced automated data innovation application which solves current world problem in ease way.

  In this project we are addressing problems associated with businesses and events organization how coda helps in collecting data from event participants and share it to event manager in a timely manner using automation rule.

What it does

  Raptorz feedback android application helps to gather event participants opinion how the event helped them and knowledge again simply a event delivery output , with the result event manager get to know the positive and negative outcome.

More in detail about application,

  • Feedback form:-
  •   New Form created with relevant column and fields, everything is dynamic content which can be created in few mins with few clicks.

  • Automation rule:-
  •   Automation rule created which let event manager about the feedback data at a particular time period in our project we have set morning 9 am rule which send reminder notification.

  • Andriod apk:-
  •   Android web view application in which the coda feedback form embedded which helps event participants to fill desired rating and comments. download the application via website-APK LINK.

  • Github:-
  •   The site has been hosted in github which includes project repository-WebviewLink.

    How we built it

    Involves 4 steps:-

  • Form:-
  •   Created using coda docs dynamic content and published public which helps event participants to submit their feedback about event.

  • Automation rule:-
  •   Pre built features enabled helps to notify event organizers about the feedback data which shows positive and negative feedback.

  • Github:-
  •   Web view site built using html, css and Java query in which form source link is embedded-WebviewLink.

  • Andriod apk:-
  •   Web view application built using Java in which the form source linked embedded.

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

      Learnt Automation tool feature and coda in built service and packs for automation.

    What's next

      Need to explore and learn about packs in depth.

    Built With

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