Last year’s application was built during the very early stages of my iOS Development journey. Since then I have developed various new skills which I wanted to showcase. Making the assumption that Apple would require another resume-style app, I had been considering possibilities for content and design for a few months. My intention was to create an app that would display personal content in an interesting and fun way, while using Apple technologies to enhance the experience.

What it does

Starting with the iOS app, my goal was to implement an unconventional way to navigate between content sections. I used CoreGraphics to create circular, spinning text around my profile image, and with UIGestureRecognizers I made it possible to drag the object around the screen to select areas. This element also utilises UIMotionEffects for parallax movement, along with various rubber-banding animations. The result is a functional and playful, but also informative way of getting around the app. Tap on my face and you will also be presented with my Wallet business card.

Another notable area is the ‘Projects’ view. Here I used UIDynamics and CoreMotion for the first time to provide an interactive way of displaying the iOS projects I have worked on. By tilting the device, you are able to move the projects around the screen and they will interact realistically with each other.

Utilising 3D Touch, I have implemented a gesture to show how my abilities have improved since last year. Simply apply some pressure when you see the 3D Touch icon in the top-right, and the view will gradually transition to last year’s app and it’s equivalent content (where applicable). By using this technology, I was able to avoid dedicating a specific section with side-by-side images.

I designed the watch app to not replicate, but extend the functionality of the iOS app. I first focused on adding a Modular Large Complication to display my routine throughout the day, and using Time Travel, you are able to see upcoming events and activities. Glances seemed like a perfect way of displaying randomly generated facts about me. With a simple swipe up, you can view an interesting fact and upon tapping the glance, you will be taken to a very ‘Swift-inspired’ app.

Challenges I ran into

Brainstorming how to provide weekly data with Time Travel functionality definitely stretched my knowledge, however experimentation with NSDate, and NSCalendar eventually yielded results.

Implementing UIDynamics also proved challenging due to the complex detail view constraints, and requirement for changeable boundaries. This was also the first time I had worked with UIDynamics.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For a second consecutive year, I was lucky enough to be awarded a WWDC Scholarship! I am also very proud of what I was able to design and build in under 12 days.

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