My target right from the start of learning iOS development was to be able to attend WWDC 2015 as a scholarship winner, so all of my progress over the last year was devoted to creating a great app.

What it does

The app gives judges some information about me, starting with an introduction view with ticker view style flying text with keywords relevant to me. The next section is a swipe-able map view which allows them to see all of the major locations in my life. They then reach a menu which takes them to information about my projects, career, routine, skills and interests. They can also shake the device at any time to view a random fact about me.

Challenges I ran into

This app was the first time I had used interface elements such as collection views and scroll views, so in combination with the time constraints it was quite a challenge to get everything completed in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Well I won the scholarship and was invited to San Francisco for WWDC, so I am extremely proud of that!

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