My goal from the start of learning iOS development was to attend WWDC 2015 as a scholarship winner. The past year has been devoted to gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a great scholarship application.

What it does

The app is designed to help the judges to get to know me. On opening the application, they are presented with an introduction screen which features a ticker component with text which floats across the screen. Each of the words represent a keyword which is relevant to me. The next section is a storyboard-like map which highlights significant locations in my life. Following this stage, they have completed the introduction and can dive into further sections which detail projects I've worked on, my career so far, my routine, skills and interests. They can also shake the device at any time to view a random fact about me.

Challenges I ran into

In working on this app, I used interface elements such as collection views and scroll views for the first time. In combination with the time constraints, it was quite a challenge to learn and complete everything in time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The application was successful and won me a scholarship for WWDC, so I'm extremely proud of that!

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