We wanted a better way to coordinate rides to maximize the amount of time we spend with friends. One of our biggest concerns is that when we try to go out with a large group of friends, we have a hard time trying to figure out who should take what Uber and where to meet. We reduced all of that to a simple click of a button. But inputting your coordinates and a party of friends, our algorithm will coordinate all the Uber rides for you. It will pick up your friends en-route and plan the best path to and from your destination.

We hope this hack will also impact social change. By taking the hassle out of event coordination, we hope that more people will decide to carpool. Moreover. we hope to reduce the likelihood of dangerous accidents by people deciding to drive back by themselves after a night out. Because of how efficiently the route is planned, someone will be more inclined to drive in an Uber with his/her friends rather than by him/herself.

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