What it does

ANDE members work throughout the developing world in many different sectors. This map allows you to search for ANDE members based on the type of organization, the geographies where they work, and/or the sectors on which they focus. Leaves indicate the countries where organizations work (not the specific location of the organization within each country) and are color coded based on the types of organizations that are working in that region. Please note that when you filter by sector, the map will sort on an organizational sector focus level. For larger organizations, the sector focus may vary from country to country. While this map is designed to provide basic information on all ANDE members, please visit an organization’s website for more detailed information about its work.

How we built it

Ecosystem App is a Node App which pulls the data from SalesForce Database and based on the user selected criteria, would display the end result which helps Entrepreneurs & Organizations.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Inconsistent data
  2. Integration with Salesforce platform

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Successfully pulled the data from SalesForce DB
  2. Able to display based on Selection criteria
  3. Easy to maintain the application and deploy anywhere

What we learned

  1. How to integrate Node with SalesForce
  2. Requirements gathering UI/UX design

What's next for ANDE

  1. Need to add more details to visualization page
  2. Can integrate survey forms with this application
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