Anchornote is a location-based note-taking app to help people plan their trips.

Anchornote allows you to take note of stuff you want to remember later* by actually ‘anchoring’ notes to physical places. Useful, because each time you open Anchornote, you’ll find your notes conveniently sorted by their relevance to your exact current location (no more frantic leafing through note/guidebooks). Even better, you can enable location alerts, so that you’ll be automatically alerted to travel tips on-the-go. So the moment you discover a useful tip, you can just ‘anchor it’, forget about it, and rely on Anchornote to remind you about it at the perfect moment. Plus, you can view all your notes on a map, which makes for a great way to plan an itinerary.

All the notes you create are automatically synced to your Evernote account, and you can sync existing notes from your Evernote account by simply adding an ‘anchornote’ tag.

*i.e. whenever you get to a relevant place

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